Sittin’ at a Red Light in Tupelo

I am doing exactly what I want to be doing right now, and that is relaxing in the passenger seat of Penelope, my trusty Corolla. Jax is the captain (O Captain My Captain), and we are cruising down 78 toward Tupelo, Mississippi, the birthplace of Elvis. Your immediate response to that statement is more than likely, “WHY in the WORLD are you kicking off your weekend with a drive to TUPELO?!?”, and honestly, I’d be concerned if it wasn’t.

In typical Jax-O-Melon fashion (an affectionate term bestowed on us by our friends), we are heading to the destination of our most recent adventure. When scrolling through the Memphis Flyer last week, I noticed a tiny blurb advertising Up, Up, and Away, a hot air balloon festival in Tupelo. True to form, I was instantly intrigued. As one of my best friends recently put it, she and I are drawn to any activity that can be easily distinguished from any other activity in our lives, meaning we go for the unique over the norm. And lucky for me, my boyfriend shares my zest for life, and that is how we wound up on this four lane road heading south.


What do you think?

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