Eric Clapton Live

Eric Clapton is going to rock the FedEx Forum tonight with his legendary guitar solos, and I am lucky enough to have a ticket to this excellence! As you have probably gathered by now, I love a good live show, and this one is guaranteed to be a particular treat. Eric Clapton is one of the most highly respected guitar players out there, not to mention he has been a member of several of the most influential bands in rock history. He is also, incidentally, one of the artists on my music bucket list (must-sees before you die), and I am ever thankful for this opportunity to cross him off. I look forward to singing along to some favorites (there are many), but even more so to watching him dominate on guitar.  Now the trick is waiting the 10 hours until the magic ensues…


One thought on “Eric Clapton Live

  1. Meredith says:

    Hi Mel!
    I read all of your blog posts! Sorry, I have been pretty lame when it comes to staying updated on your blog. :( You are still an awesome writer, my darling!

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