A Rant on Narcissism

I realize that we all think highly of ourselves to the degree that we generally like to present ourselves in a favorable light. Put our best foot forward, look our best for the camera. But there is a line. A line that, when crossed, separates those with a healthy sense of self-worth from those who come across as unflatteringly arrogant and narcissistic. You probably have noticed that these individuals are especially prevalent across social media outlets, which in their very essence promote egotism.  Occasionally broadcasting a positive attribute or achievement is one thing, but constantly reminding  people of  how attractive, intelligent, and accomplished you are is quite another. These are not things you are supposed to tell people; these are things that should go unstated and that people should seemingly discover simply by knowing you. Daily reminders of your desirability and successfulness, no matter how true, only serve to display your vanity and insecurity. I am finished.

But before I sound caustic, let me clarify with this statement: I know many beautiful, hilarious, engaging, mesmerizing people and personalities, and the most beautiful, hilarious, engaging, and mesmerizing of them do not feel the need to regularly remind me of their awesomeness. The difference is modesty, and it is the most dazzling character trait of all.


One thought on “A Rant on Narcissism

  1. Kirb says:

    So true, Mel! You can always put my thoughts into words so well.

    “He who is humble is confident and wise. He who brags is insecure and lacking.”
    ~Lisa Edmondson

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