Snow Days

Snow days make me happy. I thought they didn’t exist in the real world, but much to my delight, I have been proved wrong. This morning over the phone, my boss shattered that myth with two magical words: STAY HOME. For the second time this year! So here I am, lying on my (newly assembled) bed and admiring the scene below. I love it when God shows off. And I adore this beautiful winter wonderland He has created outside my window.

This day makes me smile because it is filled with such possibility. Suddenly my strict schedule of meetings and obligations has dissipated, and my day is completely open. I can do with it whatever I wish.  Like clean out my closet, run six miles, catch up on some reading, and watch a movie. Launder, organize, write, and play. Music to my ears.

And I’m off! Wishing you all a warm, safe, and ultra-productive day!

my backyard covered in snow


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