My favorite band is playing at Minglewood Hall tonight, and I am giddy. Even though I travel to see Lucero almost every time they play within a 200 mile radius of Memphis and have therefore seen them… oh… I’d say upwards of twenty times, I never get tired of their shows.  I’m crazy about the whole experience – the music is great for grooving, for singing along with, and for enjoying with good friends.  Lucero’s music has been described as many things, but no matter how you classify it, their songs speak to the human condition. Whether you are having a sunny day or a dark night, Lucero’s music melds to fit your mood.  It’s that good. In fact, it really don’t get any better than this….

Special thanks to the boyfriend for introducing me to this musical goodness over four years ago. We are looking forward to rocking with our fellow Lucero fans tonight!


she wrapped her arms around his waist > nowhere to run to anyways > they bolted out into the streets, unknown and beautiful > unknown and beautiful


One thought on “Lucero

  1. Jax says:

    C’mon baby won’t you dance?
    Make good use out of these drunken feet
    And I won’t mention that other man
    Don’t you whisper no girls names to me

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