Adopt a Word

Yesterday, one of my favorite grammar blogs introduced me to the most charming of websites, Save the Words, which displays a collage of words that are desperate for your attention.  Each year hundreds of words are dropped from the English language, and this website was created to protect these unique and precious creatures from extinction.  By adopting a word of your choosing, which entails solemnly promising to use said word as frequently as possible in conversation and correspondence, you can do your part to save our language.

As I giddily  scrolled over the near-graveyard of words that were begging to be given a second chance, I discovered I wanted them all. I settled for adopting three, and even then had to practice serious restraint to stop there.

Please allow me to introduce the newest additions of my literary family:

* Aquabib – water-drinker

* Patration – completion or perfection of something

* Rogitate – to ask regularly

(Aren’t they precious?!)



If you are so moved, go find a word to call your very own and together we can make the world just a smidge more eloquent. Oh, and feel free to share with your friends – maybe their lives would be signficantly improved by having their own word too?


2 thoughts on “Adopt a Word

  1. Hi, Melissa –

    Thanks again for the blog love! You adopted three words?!? Wow. You’re the linguistic Angelina Jolie. ;)

    Maybe one day my “oporopolist” can come over and play with your “aquabib,” “patration,” and “rogitate.”

    I’m so glad that I’ve discovered Mel Tales, and I look forward to reading more!

    • Rebecca, you are so very welcome. I thank you for introducing me to such a fun concept. I’m thinking of framing the adoption certificates and hanging them in the nursery, ;-)

      A literary play date, I love it! Until then, you and little oporopolist take care!

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