Haitian Devastation

By this point, I’m sure you have all heard about the earthquake that devastated Haiti yesterday evening. It’s easy to skim over the headlines and not give it a second thought, but if you stop and consider the magnitude of this tragedy, you will realize it is not something to be brushed aside. Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, does not have the infrastructure and resources we do. They do not have a fire department and a slew of medical teams to come to their rescue. Death numbers are mounting quickly, and every hour that passes marks a critical line between life and death. Given the desperate circumstances this poverty-stricken nation faces on a daily basis, this catastrophic disaster is likely to have an extreme and lasting impact. The Haitians need our help – please take a moment to send a prayer upstairs to the Giver of Peace and the Healer of Hearts.


What do you think?

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