Baby, it’s cold outside…

Cold weather and I do not get along, unless it involves snow or an exciting outdoor activity. While I am in love with fuzzy winter accessories, I am not particularly fond of the reasons we have to wear them. This week temperatures in the eastern half of the nation, including my fair city of Memphis, will be in the thirties by day and the teens by night. While my loved ones in Wyoming would consider this a mild treat, I find it unacceptable. Bearing the brunt of these bitter temperatures are my unfortunate hands, which tend to resemble small blocks of ice during the winter months. Fully aware of my inability to retain heat, my boyfriend was cute enough to surprise me with not ten, not twenty, but forty HotHands® hand warmers.

If you don’t currently take advantage of these tiny blessings of heat, you are missing out. Made with natural materials, air-activated, and lasting several hours at a time, these little chaps are perfect for keeping you warm during a winter run, or for any occasion that brings you outside for a substantial length of time.

Here’s to staying toasty despite falling temperatures!


2 thoughts on “Baby, it’s cold outside…

  1. Jon Teer says:

    They are great for your hands. They really keep them warm. They also have some that you can put in your shoes. The ones for your shoes are absolutely amazing!! =)

  2. Brandi Cook says:

    Love those Hot Hands and the ones for your feet are the best invention ever. Who knew something so small could warm you up so quick.

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